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      1. CN
        Group Profile Founder of Speech History of Nanshan Honors of Nanshan Global layout Contact us

        I.General Profile

        Set up at the initial stage of Reform and Opening-up, Nanshan Holdings developed from Nanshan Group with Nanshan Group and New Nanshan International subordinated to it. There are four parks including Nanshan Industrial Park, Donghai Resort, Yulong Petrochemical Industrial Park and Qimu Island Port-centered Industrial Park, forming a multi-industry development pattern dominated by Nanshan Aluminum,Nanshan Zhishang,Yulong Petrochemical,real estate,finance,education, Technology,tourism, and health preservation. It has set up branches or offices in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hainan, Hong Kong, Qingdao, Yantai, etc., and has established branches in multiple countries such as America,Australia,Italy, Singapore, Germany and Indonesia. 

        II. State of Operation

        Over 40 years, under the correct leadership of party committees and governments at all levels, Nanshan has resolutely followed the guidelines, principles and policies of the party and the state in every historical period and at every stage of development, and actively responded to the call of the party committees and governments at all levels to keep pace with the development of the times.

        In 1983, Song Zuowen, the founder of Nanshan Group as well as the leader of No. 3 team of Qiansong Village (the predecessor of Nanshan) at that time, contracted Huangxian County Glass Fiber Plant and other plants owned by No. 3 team at an amount that was twice as high as the contracting base. From then on, No. 3 team embarked on the path of striving to become well-to-do, which led the whole village to take the road of “industrial prosperity of the village” later.

        In the development process of Nanshan, the shareholding system is the intrinsic basis to promote its corporate development. From the initial stage of “low distribution, more accumulation and basing on the long-term” to the later stage of “reasonable distribution, increased accumulation, basing on the long-term and sustainable development”, all villagers are entitled to the implementation of the registered labor shares with the right of inheritance.

        At present, the fixed assets and annual operating income of Nanshan have exceeded RMB 100 Billion Yuan, and its comprehensive strength has been among the top 500 enterprises in China for years. According to incomplete statistics, Nanshan paid more than RMB 33 Billion Yuan in taxes for 10 years from 2010 to 2019.

        III. Industrial Sectors

        In recent years, Nanshan has actively responded to the call of the national industrial transformation and upgrading policy, actively promoted the shift in driving forces for development, constantly enhanced the independent technological innovation and always kept the trend of stable development, with the core competitiveness of various industries constantly improved, thus laying a solid foundation for realizing high-quality development.

        Nanshan Aluminum (stock code:600219) possesses a complete aluminum industrial chain covering electricity, aluminum oxide, electrolytic aluminum, high-end casting, extruded aluminum profile, heavy plate rolling, thin plate rolling, aluminum foil rolling, multi-alloy forging, etc. in the same region of the world, and its terminal products are widely applied to several fields such as aviation, automobile, rail traffic, vessel, power and container. At present, it has become the supplier of the aircraft manufacturers such as CRRC, COMAC, United States Boeing, Britain Rolls-Royce and France SAFRAN as well as many first-rate global enterprises such as BMW and General Motors, being a member of the cutting-edge aviation materials supplier club in the world and the first producer of aluminum plates used for four doors and two covers of passenger cars in China.

        Nanshan Fashion (stock code: 300918) is a national high-tech enterprise integrating intelligent manufacturing and brand operation of fabrics and garments; with perfect wool textile and garment industrial chain covering various links such as wool purchase, processing of wool top, spinning and dyeing, worsted fabric, advanced garment processing and brand operation, it is an international leading production base of spinning and compact spinning fabric as well as advanced garment.

        Characterized by originality and technology, with advanced customization as its main direction and national brand building as its own responsibility, Nanshan Fabrics & Garments establishes a private customized platform for all categories and leads the new concept of environmental protection, health and fashion to provide the best fashionable life experience for global consumers.

        Adhering to the principles of “high-starting-point planning, high-quality development, and high-speed advancement”, with technological innovation as the guide and marine ecological environmental protection as the fundamental, Yulong Petrochemical Industry Park is committed to creating a domestic-leading world-class marine environment-friendly high-end petrochemical industry park and building a national-level demonstration base of new industrialization.

        Hengtong Logistics Co., Ltd. (stock code: 603223), as a company to provide comprehensive supporting service for Yulong Petrochemical high-end petrochemical industry park, is a modern comprehensive logistics enterprise integrating LNG trade, natural gas station operation, transportation, car-free carrier platform, car rental, maintenance, driver training, and hoisting service, and also the first domestic road transport A-share listed company. With the strong comprehensive capability, the enterprise has established three major industrial layouts of “logistics + Internet + clean energy”.

        Adhering to the operation philosophy of “creating a high-quality livable model and building a new future for a better life’, Nanshan Real Estate persistently focuses on building high-quality properties, continuously improving the living environment and improving the living quality of residents. Based on its unique geographical advantages and natural landscape, Nanshan Real Estate integrates such concepts as healthy house, life aesthetics and green environmental protection to form a unique brand featuring mountain and sea culture, making efforts to create a beautiful and livable ecological environment and build a beautiful home together.

        Providing accurate support around the industrial development comprehensively, Nanshan Finance sets up the financial company. With Shenzhen as the center, it sets up financial leasing centers in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, whose scope of business covers banking, securities, leasing, equity investment, private equity, asset management and other fields. While deepening the capital market and continuously expanding the financial business, it provides strong financial support for the sustainable stable sound development for the enterprises to realize the coordinated development of financial capital and industrial capital.

        Nanshan education and training system from kindergarten to university. As a private ordinary undergraduate institute approved by the Ministry of Education with more than 20,000 students at school, Yantai Nanshan University has cultivated a large number of talents with both political integrity and talent for the society.

        Nanshan Technology To comprehensively promote the strategy of building innovative enterprises, centering on the industry layout and the strategic positioning, Shandong Nanshan Science and Technology Research Institute is set up, which aims to build the “talent highland and important scientific research base” for conducting technical study, promoting technical progress, providing enterprises with solid technical support and innovation safeguard, and guiding enterprises to realize sustainable and high-quality development.

        Nanshan Tourism now has such business types as national 5A scenic spot, top 100 international travel services in China, multiple star resort hotels, international golf courses and international standard conference and exhibition centers, forming a diversified industrial structure system integrating tourism sightseeing and vacation, conference business, leisure and health preservation, festival conference and exhibition, study tour, etc.

        Nanshan Health Preservation has successively invested and built a variety of health preservation facilities with first-rate equipment such as Nanshan University for the Aged, Tumor Hospital of Nanshan Health Valley, Health Town of International Health Valley, and Nanshan Health Preservation Development Center. It is committed to building a domestic first-rate health preservation resort.

        IV. Core Advantages

        The capability of independent innovation is the key to the success of the industrial development of Nanshan. With such technical research and development platforms as national corporate technology center, academician workstation and postdoctoral workstation, Nanshan establishes the only  “Aluminum Alloy Pressure Processing Engineering Technology Research Center” in the Chinese aluminum processing industry, and cooperates with research academies including Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials, Shandong University, Central South University, Northeastern University and Xi`an Polytechnic University to improve the technical innovation ability and transfer ratio of achievements in scientific research. Thereinto, Nanshan Aluminum and Nanshan Fabrics & Garments have undertaken technical research and development projects of the state or above the provincial level for many times, and a lot of achievements are in the international leading or advanced level. Nanshan ever won such technical awards as the First Prize of Shandong Technical Progress Award and Shandong Governor Quality Prize.

        V. Social Responsibilities

        While developing the economy, Nanshan never forgets to fulfill its social responsibilities and successively drives the villagers of dozens of surrounding villages to realize common prosperity. It creates high-quality and convenient conditions for the residents and employees in such aspects as employment, education, medical care and endowment, and actively participates in social public welfare career such as road construction, environmental protection, forestation, disaster relief and anti-disease donation, making active contributions in different strategic periods of the state such as the development of new countryside, new urbanization and beautiful countryside.

        The development of Nanshan benefits from the reform and opening-up policy of the party and the state, the care and support of party committees and governments at all levels as well as the diligent struggling of all Nanshan people. During the entrepreneurship development process, the Nanshan spirit of “loyal, responsible, hardworking and devoted”, “empty talk makes a botch while only hard work makes sense” and “not to do it unless do it best” formed by the old generations of Nanshan entrepreneurs in the long-time practice are the spiritual wealth and source of power for Nanshan people to advance bravely and constantly. Facing new times, based on a new starting point and starting a new journey, under the guidance of the corporate philosophy of “integration, optimization, innovation, breakthrough and development” Nanshan Holdings will gather strength, carry out reform and innovation, make pragmatic endeavor and make concerted efforts to struggle to realize the grand blueprint of a centenary Nanshan!