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        Group Profile Founder of Speech History of Nanshan Honors of Nanshan Global layout Contact us

        Over 40years since its foundation ,Nanshan Group has consistently pursued the spirit of "Loyaity responsibility. diligence and Dedication".alwaye sticks to the truth of "Development is the Absolute Principle"By right of the faith of "Advocating Dedication and Striving for Excellence".Nanshan Group has made concerted and arduous efforts,thus changing the hesternal small mountain village into the new modem town.

        Nanshan's present great accomplishments are from the policy of reform and opening-up of the party.the support from the party committees and govemments at different levels. form the love and concem of friends form all walks of life at home and abroad and form Nanshan people's hardwording ,thrifty and studious entrepreneurship therefoce,l' dlike to express my sincere gratitude for the leaders at all levels and triends from everywhere who offered us support and help benevolently.