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        Nanshan Electric Power
        Nanshan Electric Power

        Nanshan Electric Power Company, as a basic energy-based enterprise under Nanshan Group, administers three units including Donghai Thermal Power Plant, Nanshan Thermal Power Plant, and Power Transmission and Distribution Company. It is mainly responsible for the task of power supply and heat supply for Nanshan Group. The abundant and stable power resources provide a strong foundation and reliable power guarantee for the development of Nanshan Group’s various industries. At the same time, as the unified-managed self-supply power plant of State Grid Corporation of China, the Company also actively undertakes the peak regulating task of State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company, playing an important role in ensuring the safe and stable operation of State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company. 

        The company conscientiously implements the scientific development perspective, actively adopts energy saving and emission reduction measures, and insists on taking creating a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise as the Company’s core development strategy. At present, the Company’s main production indicators have all met or exceeded the domestic first-class standards for similar equipment.

        Nanshan Natural Gas

        Nanshan Natural Gas Company is affiliated to Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd., mainly responsible for accessories, transportation and distribution, safety management and business service of natural gas for internal industry, commerce and residents of the Group Company.

        The natural gas is sourced from Bonan terminal of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) and the first Longkou station of Yantai Zhongshi Natural Gas Co., Ltd. and introduced into Qimudao station of the Company through double-line gas source. The natural gas pipeline covers the two industrial parks in Donghai area and Nanshan area.

        The introduction of natural gas will drive the energy structure adjustment in Nanshan, improve the investment environment, reduce the environmental pollution and promote the economic development of the Group.