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        Indonesia Alumina Project
        Indonesia Bintan Nanshan Industrial Park Alumina Project is implemented by BAI,an overseas indirectly-controlled subsidiary of the company,with the construction site at Bintan Island,Riau Islands,Indonesia.With a planned alumina capacity as 2 million tons/year,the project will be constructed in two phases.After the project is completed,the company will be able to produce alumina with the local rich bauxite and coal resources of Indonesia to realize expansion of alumina capacity at a low cost,enhance the profitability of the company and improve the anti-risk capacity of the company.

        The partners of the project are respectively:

        Press Metal Bhd.,it was founded in 1986,with the main business as production and processing of aluminium products,it went listed in Malaysia in 1993;at present,Press Metal Bhd.has become the largest aluminium industry enterprise in Southeast Asia and set up large-scale production or sale bases in Britain,North America,Australia,Hong Kong and China,with the selling network worldwide.Press Metal Bhd.,as the strategic investor,makes Indonesia Alumina Project achieve the scaled benefits,improves the sustainable profitability of the project and further enhances the international competitiveness of the company.Meanwhile,introduction of Press Metal Bhd.makes the project gain stable downstream customers,quicken overseas sales layout and lock the market in advance.

        MKU Company,with the full name as PT.Mahkota Karya Utama,is mainly engaged in bauxite mining business and is the private bauxite enterprise ranking top 3 in Indonesia.It possesses bauxite resources in the places such as West Kalimatan,with the overall area of the resources as 3,885 hectares and the gross reserves as 80.777 million tons.MKU,as a local investor in Indonesia,will provide important support in the aspect of guaranteeing raw material supply of the project and promoting project construction.

        Port:with an annual throughout capacity of 20 million tons,it is used for loading of alumina,unloading of caustic soda liquid and unloading operation of bauxite,coal and auxiliary raw materials.

        Thermal power plant:The plant builds 6 coal-fired heating and generating sets in total,with an installed capacity of 160MW,for power supply and gas supply for production of alumina.The project selects and uses efficient generating sets and adopts isolated power system operation mode;with advanced equipment,the generating sets have high automatic level,are safe and eco-friendly and energy-saving and efficient,thus providing high-quality energy guarantee for the industrial park.

        The projects such as recycling of heating backwater,wastewater treatment,flue gas treatment and comprehensive utilization of coal cash will be constructed to reduce resource waste and avoid environmental pollution.

        Alumina factory:The alumina factory is located in the southeast area of the industrial park and is close to the port.The project is designed to have an annual capacity of 2 million tons of metallurgical sand-like alumina,the factory adopts Bayer process,the technology and equipment reach internationally-advanced level,the production adopts DCS automatic centralized control to ensure safe and efficient operation of the factory.