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        Electrolytic Aluminum

        Nanshan Electrolytic Aluminum Company,as a pillar industry of Nanshan Group,was founded in 1997 and officially put into production in 1999.After over 20 years of development,now it administers four electrolysis plants and four carbon plants and possesses multiple large electrolytic aluminum production lines of prebaked cell series.It has a total of 910 400KA,300KA and 160KA electrolytic cells,an electrolytic aluminum capacity of 816000 tons and a total supporting carbon capacity of 480000 tons.

        400KA large prebaked cell adopted by four electrolysis plants utilizes domestic advanced fully-automatic intelligent fuzzy control technology for production control and uses international advanced counter-current two-stage dry purification process for purification recycling.The carbon production line introduces international advanced electronic batching,continuous mixing-kneading-forming and combustion control system and automatic control devices,and all pollutants will be discharged after reaching the standard.Its electrolysis and carbon production process and technology are in the international advanced and domestic leading level.

        Main products:ordinary aluminium ingot for remelting and A356 alloy ingot,meanwhile,with the anode and cathode of carbon for aluminium electrolysis of different specifications,the products of multiple specifications and models can be produced according to the demands of the clients.

        Nanshan Electrolytic Aluminum Company insists on the concept of“people oriented”.Now it has developed into a large enterprise with over 4500 employees,including 383 senior engineers,senior technicians,engineers and technicians.The company will further enlarge the team of technical management personnel and make unremitting efforts to build Nanshan Electrolytic Aluminum Company into a first-rate electrolytic aluminum enterprise with the most standard management and the most advanced indexes in China.

        Nanshan Aluminum Branch
        Address: Nanshan Industrial Park, Longkou City, Shandong Province
        Phone: 0086-535-8615048
        Fax: 0086-535-8669371