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        Nanshan Aluminum Product

        Nanshan Aluminum Profile Company is the pillar enterprise of Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd., administering enterprises including melting and casting factory, mold processing center, building profile factory, industrial profile factory, quality center and deep processing center. We are the manufacturer of aluminum alloy building profiles and industrial profiles designated by National Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. We possess the world’s most advanced extrusion production lines, 150MN, 125MN, 82MN, 72MN, 55MN, 45MN, 35MN etc., as well as a large number of international advanced supporting production equipment from the United States, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, etc., which can produce high-grade, precise and advanced section industrial profiles and high-quality civilian profiles with different varieties, series and specifications. Our products cover high-speed trains, subways, electricity, ships, containers, automobiles, aviation and many other fields. They are not only sold well in more than 30 provinces in China, but also sold overseas, we maintain long-term friendly cooperative relations with customers from Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

        Nanshan Aluminum Profile Company was the first to pass ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification in 1997, and successfully integrated ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System in 2010. In 2009, we passed the IRIS: International Railway Industry Standard Quality Management System Certification. In 2011, we passed the International Aviation Quality Management System Certification of AS9100C version of France Bureau Veritas and TS16949: International Auto Industry Quality Management System Certification. The series of products won the 2010 Shandong Province Governor Quality Award. In 2011, we obtained the DET NORSKE VERITAS DNV Approval of Manufacturer Certificate. In 2015, we obtained the American Bureau of Shipping ABS Certificate of Works Approval and the China Classification Society CCS Certificate of Works Approval.

        “Lean depends on fineness, and details determine success or failure.” This management concept has fostered a large number of technical elites in our company. “Do not to do it unless first class can be achieved; pursue development without ending.” This development concept has created the top Nanshan Aluminum Profile Company. Nanshan Aluminum Profile Company will continue to rely on the aluminum industry chain of Nanshan Aluminum, convenient transportation and unique regional conditions, to provide higher quality, better service and newer products. We would like to invite you hand in hand to create the beautiful future together!

        Nanshan Aluminum Profile Company

        Address: Nanshan Industrial Park, Longkou City, Shandong Province, China

        Phone: 0086-535-8666598

        Fax: 0086-535-8666607

        Website: Http://www.nanshanalu.com/