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        Nanshan Aluminum (stock code: 600219) has formed the only complete aluminum processing industrial chain with the shortest distance possessing thermoelectricity, aluminum oxide, electrolytic aluminum, casting, aluminum profile/hot rolling-cold rolling-foil rolling/forge rolling solely in the same region throughout the world, and its terminal products are widely applied to several fields such as aviation, automobile, rail traffic, vessel, power and container. At present, it has become the supplier of many first-rate global enterprises such as CRRC, COMAC, United States Boeing, Britain Rolls-Royce, France SAFRAN, BMW and General Motors, and become the member of the top aviation materials supplier club in the world and the first producer of the aluminum sheet for four doors and two covers for passenger car in China.

        Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

        Phone: 0086-535-8666352
        Website: http://www.600219.com.cn/