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        As a national-level high-tech enterprise, Shandong Nanshan Fashion Sci-tech Co.,ltd. integrates intelligent manufacturing and brand operation. Its integrated equipment level is advanced compared with its peers in the world. It's one of the world's few large worsted compact spinning fabric production bases, and one of the modern suit production bases, which is second to none. The comprehensive strength of the company comes in the forefront of competitiveness of China's textile and apparel enterprises.

        The industry chain of Shandong Nanshan Fashion Sci-tech Co.,ltd. covers the worsted system from purchase of Australian quality wool, combed top processing to spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing; Thanks to the clothing system of R & D, production, marketing and service of complete products from fabrics to haute couture and a perfect quick response system for yarn preparation and goods delivery, customers are provided with one-stop efficient services. The company is home to a perfect product R & D and technological innovation systems and high-level innovation platforms, including the nationally recognized laboratory, national high-count pure wool product development base, wool textile research institute, business attire research institute, international wool innovation center. It has set up the Wool Development Center (WDC) in cooperation with The Woolmark Company, and has been actively engaged in the research on wool textile technology projects at home and abroad.

        Based on green and intelligent manufacturing, Shandong Nanshan Fashion Sci-tech Co.,ltd. is driven by technological innovation. Adhering to the development concept of taking brand management as the core, it provides global consumers with quality products and services.

        Tel: 0086-535-8738668

        Website: http://www.nanshanchina.com