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        Education is the foundation of the century inheritance.Over the years,Nanshan Holdings has been vigorously developing the education industry,which builds a complete education system from kindergarten to university.As a pioneer of private higher education in Shandong Province,Yantai Nanshan University strives to be a first-class school,actively carries out the school-and-enterprise integrated construction and continuously enhances the overall quality of the cadre and staff,which not only strengthens the talent team construction,but also cultivates a large number of inter-disciplinary talents with both ability and political integrity for the society.Guided by the needs of industrial development,Nanshan Holdings will lead the main industries and educational undertakings to achieve sustainable and high-quality development.

        Yantai Nanshan University
        Phone: 0086-535-8609225

        Website: http://www.nanshan.edu.cn/