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        Adhering to the principles of “high-starting-point planning, high-quality development, and high-speed advancement”, with technological innovation as the guide and marine ecological environmental protection as the fundamental, Yulong Petrochemical Industry Park is committed to creating a domestic-leading world-class marine environment-friendly high-end petrochemical industry park and building a national-level demonstration base of new industrialization.

        Hengtong Logistics Co., Ltd. (stock code: 603223), as a company to provide comprehensive supporting service for Yulong Petrochemical high-end petrochemical industry park, is a modern comprehensive logistics enterprise integrating LNG trade, natural gas station operation, transportation, car-free carrier platform, car rental, maintenance, driver training, and hoisting service, and also the first domestic road transport A-share listed company. With the strong comprehensive capability, the enterprise has established three major industrial layouts of “logistics + Internet + clean energy”.