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      1. CN
        Responsibility concept

        Make innovation and transcendence over 40 years, foster virtue and talents over 30 years.the development achievements of Nanshan benefit from the long-term care and strong support of party committees and governments at all levels, the correct leadership of the Board of Directors and president of Nanshan Holdings, and the joint efforts of all Nanshan people. While the industrial economy continues to grow, Nanshan never forgets its responsibilities, and leads the surrounding people to get rid of poverty and get rich quickly, realizing the leap from rural to urban, farmer to worker, and villager to citizen. It strives to create a beautiful and livable ecological environment, build a beautiful homeland and share the fruits of its development.

        In different strategic periods of the state such as new rural construction, new urbanization construction and the strategy of "rural revitalization", Nanshan all made positive contributions, which has provided solid guarantee for residents in education, employment, health care, pension and cultural entertainment, achieving a double harvest in both material and spiritual civilization, and continuously creating its social value full of “Nanshan temperature” in the effort of giving back to the society .

        While vigorously developing the economy, Nanshan has always adhered to the development concept that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, and found a sustainable development path in resource exploitation, energy conservation and environmental protection, afforestation and sewage treatment.

        Green Production

        In Nanshan, the concept of “green” is embedded in the entire production cycle to reduce the negative impact of all links including R&D, production and transportation on the environment by adopting new methods, new processes, new technologies and new equipment. Through the “energy saving and emission reduction” development, the “renewable energy” promotion, and the implementation of recycling and reuse, Nanshan strives to become a green and environment-friendly enterprise, and actively assumes its environmental responsibilities.

        Green Management

        By saving resources and improving energy efficiency, Nanshan promotes green office, new energy and other measures, reduces its carbon footprint, and decreases its impact on the environment, to achieve its own green, eco-friendly and low-carbon operation.

        Green Office

        Nanshan actively advocates the environmental protection concept of green office, adopts a number of energy-saving measures, and fully implements energy saving and consumption reduction in office space.